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Estudio Sectorial
Eficiencia en Atención al Cliente en Empresas Chilenas

Issues in the Study:

Chilean companies are in a race against time. With response times exceeding 15 hours, it is imperative to implement a significant transformation. WiWO is your strategic partner in the digital age, providing your business with innovative tools designed to transform customer-company interactions.

Central Theme of the Study:

One-third of Chilean businesses are not equipped for digital sales. This shortfall is evident through response times exceeding 15 hours, significantly diverging from the internationally recommended standard of 11 minutes. This sluggishness adversely affects sales and the customer experience, as clients anticipate more swift and efficient interactions.

The solution to the issue at hand:

With WiWOBoost, bid farewell to delays and welcome unparalleled efficiency. Capture and manage your leads with a platform that automates and streamlines every step, propelling your company to the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction.

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